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About Somersetshire Coal Canal Co.

From 1794

The Somerset Coal Canal is a small, rural marina in lovely countryside only 3 miles from Bath and 5 miles from Bradford on Avon. It is set in a short arm off the Kennet & Avon Canal beside the spectacular Dundas Aqueduct.  It was originally the first stretch of the old Somerset Coal Canal which, as its name implies, was built to bring coal from the coalfield in North Somerset. Opened in 1805 it closed in 1899 and became derelict with some lengths being used to construct a GWR branch line. The present owners created the moorings in the mid 1980's by excavating and restoring the surviving arm.


There are private, non-residential moorings for about 55 boats (narrow beam only) and the marina also contains a boat business (with a dry dock) offering boat services - brokerage, repairs, hull blacking etc. Boat and canoe hire, bike hire and a cafe/restaurant are all on the site.

With reasonable mooring rates the Somerset Coal Canal provides the ideal quiet and peaceful place to keep your canal boat in the heart of the spectacularly beautiful Limpley Stoke Valley.

About Dundas Aqueduct

From 1801
An important and impressive example of industrial architecture, Dundas Aqueduct, named after the first chairman of the Kennet & Avon Canal Co., Charles Dundas, has always been a popular destination for visitors by land and canal. Built by John Rennie, the engineer and architect of the K & A Canal, between 1797 and 1801, the aqueduct has classical design features and was the first canal structure to be esignated an Ancient Monument in 1951.

Refurbishment of the honey coloured stone facing, completed in 2004, enables us to see the aqueduct as it was when first constructed two centuries ago.


Download the video and publication of Dundas and the Somersetshire Coal Canal

An Educational Guide to the History, Geography, Engineering and Archæology of the Somersetshire Coal Canal
Produced by the Somersetshire Coal Canal Society
A Short Introduction to the Somersetshire Coal Canal by Somersetshire Coal Canal Society
Dundas Aqueduct view from the sky - Sept 2016
Crossing the Dundas aqueduct Kennet and Avon Canal
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